Why MyLifeWell

It's not news that we live in an unwell world. Life can be overwhelming; from family, to work, to the daily grind, leaving us depleted at the end of the day. MyLifeWell makes it easy for you to unplug, unwind and finally embark on the health and wellness journey that you rightly deserve.

MyLifeWell’s carefully curated wellness programs and products are devised to help you live well, travel well, and shop well. Our exclusive trips, on-demand and live virtual classes, and wellness products are everything you need to bring your body, mind, and soul together into one whole.

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live well

MyLifeWell has developed on-demand and live virtual wellness classes to take advantage of from the comfort of your own home. We partner with the best yoga, nutrition, fitness, and wellness instructors from around the world to help you prosper in every aspect of your life. Take a group class, or receive 1-on-1 instruction to begin your journey to a better life.

If you need additional support or motivation, let our wellness coaches lead you to a healthier, and more balanced life!

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travel Well

MyLifeWell closely collaborates with the top-most wellness brands to bring you the best active and wellness traveling experiences from around the world. Our large variety of wellness trips, retreats, and resorts are perfect for families, friends, corporate events, or solo adventures. We also have an extensive variety of active trips including hiking, biking, golf, water sports and more to cater to your active lifestyle.

You can also take advantage of the services of our seasoned wellness travel advisors so you can truly relax and enjoy your journey!

Travel Advisor Packages
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Shop Well

MyLifeWell has everything you need to push your wellness journey to the next level. Our wellness shop is a one-stop solution of top-quality products to support your healthy lifestyle. Whatever healthy food options, fitness clothes, or wellness products you need, MyLifeWell has you covered in full.

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My Loyalty Program

Earn real rewards while you pursue a life of wellness. Join MyLifeWell to earn and redeem loyalty points on every dollar you spend. You’ll also receive access to our extensive library of trips, virtual classes, and products giving you everything you need to start your journey.

  • Wellness Explorer

    1 Point Earned/
    $1 Spent Across Platform

  • Wellness Enthusiast

    2 Point Earned/
    $1 Spent Across Platform

  • Wellness Devotee

    3 Point Earned/
    $1 Spent Across Platform

  • +
  • Wellness Coach

    2 Point Earned/
    $1 Spent Across Platform

  • Travel Advisor

    2 Point Earned
    $1 Spent Across Platform

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Membership Benefits


  • Unlimited access to travel and shopping options
  • Unlimited access to on-demand programs and classes
  • Ability to book private 1:1 sessions
  • Personalized suggestions based on your interest
  • Fun, interactive experience
  • Create your own playlist


  • Access to live streaming
  • Priority access to exclusive promotions
  • Priority access to exclusive travel, virtual, and shopping experiences
  • Access to a wellness coach
  • Access to a wellness travel advisor

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